Why Painpro ?

We are Canada’s premier provider of same day, evidence informed Registered Massage Therapy treatments for soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Book On-Line 24/ 7 from any device.

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Our Treatments

Whether your pain results from accidental injury, postural imbalances, disease states, or stress we understand it is unique and we work with you to get the fast results you deserve.

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What To Expect ?

We provide professional contemporary clinics supported by a safe and secure integrated medical software. See any RMT at any clinic and your treatment history follows you.

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Our Therapists

We are proud to be the home of Massage Therapy professionals with exemplary clinical skills and high standards of professional conduct. Massage Therapists that make the difference.

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“Massage Therapy is an evidence informed, natural,
non-invasive intervention for pain and dysfunction present
in the body’s soft tissue and joints.”


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